Amanda is a Certified Soul Center Healing Hypnosis practitioner (S.C.H.H.)

What is Soul Center Healing Hypnosis?

Laura Whitworth created Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H ®) because she wanted to combine Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing techniques together, in one session, for a more effective and transformative hypnotherapy session. Over the years, I had encountered many situations that are not covered in many popular Past Life Regression Techniques. Clients have trauma and negative emotions from this lifetime that need to be worked through before progressing into Past Lives. Clients often also have Entity or Energetic attachments that do not allow them to progress successfully into the Theta Brainwave state, and actually block them from getting information from their soul during a deep hypnotherapy session. Clients need these Entity attachments taken off, their Chakras Re-built and aligned, their Aura Re-sealed before we are able to progress into a Past Life Regression. The Archangels work with me during the session. Using the Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (S.C.H.H.) Technique ensures that any traumas, negative emotions, artificial intelligence,  and Entities are dealt with, and all Energetic Adjustments are made prior to us communicating with the Higher Self, or embarking on a Past Life Regression Journey. 

The Initial SCHH session will include this energetic clearing and balancing, as well as Higher Self questions.

Subsequent follow-up SCHH sessions will include all that, as well as a regression into a Past Life or another part of the client’s Multi-Dimensional Self.  The Higher Self will guide the client to the most pertinent lifetime that the client needs to see in order to give clarity in the present lifetime

A New Client Consultation is required prior to booking an SCHH session.